My innovative approach to teaching, which seeks to explode the false binary between thinking and doing that has so shaped tertiary education, has received exceptional feedback from undergraduate and postgraduate students in both conservatoire and more traditional institutions. I propose a simultaneous thinking through doing and doing by thinking, and take care to establish a new set of behaviours from both students and teacher suited to each learning environment. My teaching has a proven track record of ensuring the best possible learning outcomes for all students, no matter their practical or educational background. Sample evaluations of my teaching, from both students and colleagues, are included in my Teaching Portfolio (available on request).

In addition to my research strengths, my areas of teaching expertise include:

  • The history of theatre, particularly through reference to canonical theatre scripts;
  • Contemporary documentary performance, including headphone verbatim
  • Early Modern European performance, from improvised to text-based forms; and
  • The historical avant-garde, from Modernism to contemporary performance art.

I have also conducted many successful lectures and workshops for secondary school students, including through the NIDA Open program. Further details are available through the Contact page.  

Clare Matchett as Fool and Stephen Sharpe as Lear in   King Lear  (2010).

Clare Matchett as Fool and Stephen Sharpe as Lear in King Lear (2010).