My research interests are wide and varied, and draw on approaches from disciplines as diverse as education, sociology, and performance studies. I am always interested in new interdisciplinary projects, and am usually juggling many ongoing projects at once. My research has been awarded prestigious awards, including the University Medal from the University of Sydney, and published in high-ranking journals such as About Performance and Anthropology & Humanism

My areas of research expertise include:

  • teaching and learning in creative arts education; 
  • performance analysis, particularly the overlap of semiotic and embodied approaches; 
  • contemporary performance, especially the evolving role of the director;
  • the Modernist movement in theatre, from its origins in nineteenth-century Germany to the High Modernism of the twentieth century; 
  • liveness and its centrality to the performance event; and
  • everyday performances of gender and sexuality.
Oliver Burton as Gloucester in  King Lear  (2010).

Oliver Burton as Gloucester in King Lear (2010).